The Origins of a Name - Hazelwood Kennels


What’s in a name?

I’ve been asked a few times why I chose Hazelwood Kennels and there was a lot of thought that went into choosing the name. Like most things, I like to have a connection with names I use. And when we sat down to choose our kennel name, I really wanted a name that had a lot of meaning behind it for us.

First, I wanted to choose Amaranth Kennels. For those who aren’t aware of what Amaranth is, it is a purpleheart wood. The wood has a lot of meaning for me due to a very special childhood memory with my oldest brother and a gift he carved for me out of purpleheart wood.

When we researched the name, we found out that the name was already taken by another kennel in Ontario and it wasn’t possible to use it.

Once I realized that, I started searching through dozens of names. I wanted a connection with the forest and nature because that is often where I’ve felt the most at peace. And then I came across Hazelwood.

Most people assume that the name means the wood of the hazel tree, which is a beautiful tree and is why I often feature a tree in our logo to tie in with the woods and forests I love and the beauty of the hazel tree. And it is part of the reasons.

After all, the hazel tree is the tree of wisdom and inspiration…it is often the tree that grows at the border between our realm and the mystical realm. The name inspires me to try to have at least a little wisdom…it encourages me to inspire others and to make sure my own inspirations continue forward…bridging my foundation dogs (our past) with the future…the mystical and magical realm of puppies in our future.

However, the other reason why I chose Hazelwood is for one simple reason, hazelwood is the word for the reddish brown heartwood. Hazelwood, by its very definition means the heart and all of the dogs and puppies that come through our kennel is very much apart of my heart. They are the heartwood of Hazelwood Kennels so the name is in honor of them…those who have come before, those who are here now, and those who will come in the future…my hearts.