Kars Dog Show 2022

In July of 2022, we attended Kars in Lombardy, Ontario, close to Ottawa, Ontario. This was the largest turn out of mastiffs we've had to date and there were 14 mastiffs and a breeder judge for one of the show. It was a great time and hopefully we can get out to more shows with mastiffs.

Cromwell (18 months old), Bear (4 years old) and Tulip (21 months old) attended this show. Tulip as a new champion and we attended 3 shows over 2 days before heading home.

Show 1: UK Limited: Tulip took Select Bitch for the first two points for her grand championship. Cromwell took Reserve Winners Dog.

Show 2: Breeder Judge: Bear took Select Dog for more points toward his bronze grand championship.

Show 3: Cromwell took Reserve Winners Dog and Tulip took Select Bitch for another two points toward her grand.

Photo credits to my son, other breeders/exhibitors at the show and Dogs in Design Photography.