Hazelwood's Destined to Soar

Hazelwood's Destined to Soar ITD

Amelia is playful, athletic and loving. She is the best hugger we have at the kennel and will come up, place her head on your shoulder and just let you squeeze her around the neck for hours if you want. She is often the instigator of playtime but is the first to curl up on the couch with us.

Hazelwood's Legacy of Daisy

Hazelwood's Legacy of Daisy ITD

Tulip is sweet and playful with a very mastiff temperament. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. Like all of our dogs, she is happiest when she is with us than when she isn't and she's part of our day to day life. She has cute little quirks, such as pressing her mouth against people's lips to give them dry kisses and her constant war with the squirrels and doves in the backyard.